Venaja is a land that just recently came out from under an oppressive communist Regime. The Iron Curtain has fallen, and they are attempting to join the world at large. Besides implementing new, capitalist policies, they are trying to form a Pokemon League of their very own. Each country within the region has a collection of gyms, all competing to become the main gym of the country and bring that recognition to their hometown. There are between 2 and 3 cities large enough to contain a Gym in each country, and by collecting a majority of those badges, you can get a stamp from the country’s government. The League headquarters in Autioma accept those stamps for admission.

Real-World Inspiration

Venaja covers the area from northern Finland to the northern shores of Turkey. So, in the far north, you have tundra, then swampy grassland, then savannah, then chaparral. Chaparral, if you don’t remember from 6th grade, has a lot of scrubby plants and rocky hills. It’s kind of between desert and grassland, depending on time of year.


There are eight countries that fell out of the Soviet States: Autioma, Predonya, Jatiko, Mulgas, Velke Luh, Raniko, Ahkera, and Poma. Each has definite climate and geography, and each is at least somewhat isolated due to an unwillingness to travel. Each country was a feudal state before the Soviet Empire annexed them, and they only began to really advance once it was clear they were competing with Kanto, Sinnoh, Kalos, and Hoenn. There are roads, now, but the people are usually somewhat insular and, to a degree, xenophobic.

The Great Pokemon Challenge

Poma’s government still exhibits influence over the other countries; as the former capital district, it has its fingers in all the pies, much to the recently independent citizens’ distaste. In order to promote unity and competition, in accordance with the law that split the Soviet States in the first place, Poma is working with various cities to sponsor a continental competition, in which recent secondary school graduates are to apply for travel permits and collect stamps from each region.

The purpose of this is to establish a Pokemon League in Venaja, with each country electing one city Gym to represent it. That Gym, in turn, will be used to collect consensus from the minor Gyms, and thus a more democratic union will be achieved. The new arrangement is to be more like the Kanto-Johto agreement, which establishes a limited multinational government and permits free travel between citizens of those countries. Thus, by establishing a League, Venaja will be brought into the 21st century.

The competitors will meet in Poma first, and then they will be registered for the contest. Stamps may be collected through Gym battles, of course, but the Gym Leaders may also grant stamps for Contest performances and general good deeds. Competitors will be placed in diverse groups, and then they will be allowed free reign to gather stamps as they wish.


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