Welcome to Perestroika!

Perestroika refers to the socioeconomic reconstruction supported by Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980s. It introduced capitalist elements, and represented a shift from a communist command economy to a socialist state which was supposed to be much better for the people. In the world of Venaja, it means the fall of the Soviet States and the leap forward to catch up to the rest of the Pokemon world. Venaja is not a bad place, it is merely a bit backwards.

The region of Venaja is trying to implement many reforms in order to catch up, taking cues from both Russia and Mao’s China. Among these is a radical new form of representative government – for them, at least. The Great Pokemon Challenge is an attempt to grow patriotism and unity, and a way to establish leadership for each state. There are several Pokemon Gyms in each state, and each must be defeated to gain prestige and riches. The winning team will be established as an Elite Four, who act as ambassadors to the other regions of the world.

On top of the Challenge, there is also the mounting threat of religious fundamentalism, organized crime, and separatist movements. The roving Trainer groups will be granted law enforcement powers to act in the name of the unified government to help stamp out these threats.



Pokemon Tabletop United – Books and Character Sheets

This includes all the books and character sheets. The only book that is for sure in is the core book. We may be using a few elements from the other supplements.


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